Derek Project

Pay It forward autism group is a non profit therapy program
to help kids and families with their disabilities


Derek Project

Recreation therapists have an important job where they get to help others
overcome difficulties, earn new skills, and gain independence.


Derek Project

Before committing to a career in this position, it is important
to understand what a recreation therapist does and what it takes to become one.

What We Do

A therapist might use their analytical thinking skills to understand complex problems
and plan solutions. A client may have a complicated health condition
or multiple overlapping conditions.

About Life Skills for People With Autism

People with autism have different levels of impairment, which can range from mild symptoms to a severe disability. The amount of life skills training required will vary…..

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There are several types of therapy officially recognized to help kids with disabilities

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What people are saying

Parents struggle with their loved ones with disabilities.

A resource tool and support website would relieve some stress.

Offering therapy programs would support kids in their different struggles.

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Over 16,000 children on Ontario wait lists for autism services: More kids are waiting than are getting support.

Ontario’s wait list for autism support has continued to grow in recent years even as the number of spaces has shrunk, an NDP freedom of information request reveals

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